Monday, May 23, 2011

Pay Attention

In 1973, 300 corporations banded together to form a group called American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and its mission was and is to declare war on the working people. In 2009, ALEC wrote 826 bills throughout the U.S. and saw 115 of those bills passed. ALEC receives 81.7 percent of its funding from corporations.

I just do not understand why corporations want a war with the working people when we are the ones who support their businesses. It like eating the seed corn. With that aside, how is it that most of us have never heard of this group. Were we just not paying attention or were we working too hard and did not see what they were doing to us, like what happened in Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, and Michigan. They are now 27 states controlled Republican governors and legislatures that subscribe to ALEC’s mission.

Now that we understand what they want to do to our jobs and rights may be we, union and nonunion, workers will start collaborating. Members of ALEC worked together to undo years of progressive labor laws for the worker. This was a concerted effort on their part and they have patiently been implementing their strategy to the detriment of the unions and average worker. There are people lots out of work today, and maybe we can now have the time to study our enemy and fight back. Organize, organize, organize. Card check will allow workers to organize and protect themselves and their families.

We need to check out ALEC and the people behind it and keep an eye on them.