Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big box stores, like Wal*Mart, go union.

Just not in the U.S.A.

Big box stores are told by governments that if they want to operate in their countries the stores have to allow unions to exists or form in their stores. For example, Wal*Mart had to allow its stores in South Africa, China, Brazil, Argentina, and even the England to form unions --- everywhere it seems except in the United States. Why is Wal*Mart spending millions of dollars fighting pro-union legislation, when it could be spending that money on its American workers. Why are other countries taking care of their workers, but our country isn’t?

What the hell? It looks like these governments are helping their people. Are their workers more appreciated than our people? Like I’ve said before, the corporations can ship our jobs out of country, but they will then ship their goods back to this country to sell. This is when we need to organize. This is our opportunity to organize the big box stores. Our government could help us by passing the Employee Free Choice Act (card check). We will do the rest, and I think the non-workers will support the union overall.

The unions should tell the Democrats that without support for the Employee Free Choice Act we will not support them with money or people this election. We need that commitment from candidates running for election to the senate or house or president. Without that commitment, we should just save our money and our energy for some party who would work to support us. It looks like the state Democrat politicians are the ones fighting for us at this time, like the Wisconsin.

This is what the U.S. government has done for us so far: “Since America embraced so-called Free Trade - American workers have seen their wages and rights collapse,” as said by Thom Hartmann.

On another note: It’s the Politics Stupid

In response to the Speak Your Piece by Greg Beale in today’s Record Searchlight -- Right on!

The GOP are very unhappy people. They take Social Security, Medicare, sometimes disability benefits, and other governmental services, and then they support people, such as Wally Herger, who go against the services they need. They are always angry, but most don’t know why. I would suspect that they spend a lot of their time watching FOX fake news and listening to right-wing talk shows, like KQMS and Limbaugh. The people who buy into these extreme propaganda shows are never happy. You never hear them laugh or talk about anything positive.

Yes, it’s the politics stupid.