Sunday, September 25, 2011

Asleep At The Controls - Someone Should Be Fired, but who?

The thirty-two GOP governors were elected and then they got together with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers to come up with a strategy to destroy their only competition -- organized labor.

We can put people on the ground and raise some money to get people elected that will protect workers. Our question should be: Why in the hell we did not know or see what they were planning? Or did some of us know and thought it was too implausible? If we had paid attention to or remembered our labor history, specifically the air traffic controllers, we would have known the GOP eats their own. The air traffic controllers union supported Ronald Reagan and he fired the lot of them. Since President Roosevelt implemented the Social Security Act, the GOP has wanted to kill it. Today, they are making their hardest push to destroy it.

Remember, the GOP symbol is an elephant and elephants never forget.

Just look at what the GOP corporations have done to the public workers in the past two years in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Florida. The governors took away workers rights and implemented new laws making it harder to vote -- just to name a couple.

We have to wake up and educate ourselves in our labor history. This assault on workers has been done to us before and the enemies of workers are using the same tactics out of the old anti-worker playbook. The good thing about this is we can now see how to beat them by looking at our history.

This is the reason we must educate ourselves about our labor history, know ourselves, and know our enemies and we will win (Art of War). The air traffic controllers is a perfect example of not knowing or respecting our labor history. If we had kept up with and continued to teach labor history to our unions apathy may not have set in and we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in. Instead, we relied on attorneys and the court system, which has proven to be our downfall. Someone should be fired, and we should return to our historical roots: standing up for our rights of our workers, such as the protestors on Wall Street today.

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