Monday, January 28, 2013

Why Immigration is Good

GOP greed will be good for unions, immigration and the farmers. Farmers will get cheap labor, unions will have employees to organize and the GOP will be trying to win their votes. With more legal slaves working and paying taxes, instead of living in the underground economy, the government will receive this money. This added money help will also support the Social Security fund. The GOP will support and pass immigration reform for its own gain: the political gain and the cheap labor that will pad the pocket books. Of course the jobs will be low wage so the workers must bring these wages to a living wage standard to ensure they can stay off government assistance, like so many Walmart workers have had to use. The GOP is looking for cheap labor to exploit and would like the tax payers to subsidize their workers. We must not let them do this and this is where the unions can make the difference in helping with knowledge of labor laws and can watch and ensure workers are not exploited. This could be the tipping point in the movement of the low wage Walmart and fast food workers.