Friday, February 22, 2013

Minimum Wage for Temp Agencies

Minimum Wage for temp agencies should be $19-$20 per hour. The minimum wage should be at least $ 15 per hour and if the companies keep workers’ jobs at part time to get around paying benefits then the minimum wage for those jobs should be $19-$20 per hour. Maybe the companies would see that hiring workers part time is not paying off for them. More wage slaves would get more full-time jobs with benefits. This would be very good for our consumer-driven economy. For the wage slaves make the more they spend, which then the workers have to make more products to for wage slaves to buy, which means there will be more taxes paid and less government assistance needed. An NLRB judge once said in rendering a decision, “Wages can be increased without increases in prices. Increased production must be supported by increased consumption, which is possible through increased wages.” He also said, “Unions should not be tricked into a position where it would appear that the wage increases are in direct conflict with the interests of consumers.” The minimum wage in Australia is $16 an hour in U.S. currency, so if that country can do it, why the hell can’t we, the richest country in the world, do it? This is a good way for unions to build their names by supporting this minimum wage fight, and it will also take pressure off the union wage by moving nonunion wages closer to union wages. The old naysayers who fight minimum wage are and have been proven wrong about costing jobs. In fact it usually creates more jobs. Remember we have a consumer-based economy: more money made the more money spent the more products have to be made. It’s as simple as that. When workers move up the economic ladder they leave government assistance and move into the tax brackets, which helps pay for school, health and safety, roads and all sorts of infrastructure, which helps the country in many other ways. So what we do is start using all the money we have as a country instead of the 1% just sitting on it and harboring it in some offshore bank account. Always remember there would be no money if not for the wage slaves and all we want and deserve is a fair piece of the pie instead of just a few having the majority of the pie.