Wednesday, May 15, 2013

States Perpetuating Genocide on Workers' Rights

Why are the states perpetuating genocide on workers’ rights and union wages? Could it be that the states have seen that factories and jobs are coming back to the USA? The state governments think the low wages and less safety regulations will attract the factories to their states. The unions need to pay attention to this trend for this will give the unions head start on fighting off the genocide of workers. We must go on the on the offensive and upset the anti-worker money people. One way to do this is to back $15-$16 minimum wage this will shift away a lot of money and attention from what the states are doing to union people. If the unions could be the leaders on the minimum wage hike it could lead to an organizer’s dream for the workers would feel powerful and would have money for education and lots of products, which hopefully, will be made in the USA. If the workers of the world all start to demand what is their right, it will help us here so we, wage slaves must support all workers here and outside of our country. The sides are very clear it is the oligarchies against the wage slaves or the haves against the have little or nothing. We must always remember there is a lot more of the have little or nothing than the haves. Also remember the power is with the wage slaves. No money can be made without workers. Maybe the workers should own the factories. To have a business you need the business triangle: money, workers and knowledge. We have the workers, the knowledge, all they need is the seed money to get started. If the workers invest in their business, they could control their own destiny.