Friday, July 26, 2013

Worth More Dead than Alive

A common practice by corporate greed is to have the minimum wage worker help pay for the bonuses a lot of corporation executives receive, unknown by the common man or woman. It is called the dead peasant life insurance policies, which a lot of companies take out on their employees without the employees knowing they do this. So a minimum wage employee making $15 thousand to $18 thousand a year would be worth $1 million to the corporation if they die. Walmart is famous for this. Is the corporation you work for doing this? It would be good if the wage slaves made $15 to $16 an hour as a minimum wage so they could buy life insurance for their families. This is just one more reason that the wage slaves must take back their commons and workplace and until we do this, this is the way we will be treated—just like slaves—worth more dead than alive. So now you can see why the large corporations do not want health insurance or Obamacare. The prerequisite for an ideology is the possession of a basic truth. An example, a Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists’ oligarchies. This logically proceeds to the revolution of wage slaves for their rightful share of the commons or a piece of the pie, like a good living wage. Money has power. To return the economy to cities and to the working poor just by raising the minimum wage, but think what $15 to $16 an hour would mean to the $7.50 an hour wage slaves in Detroit, Michigan. Just that alone could stabilize the city; the workers would be paying taxes off of assistance. Their buying power would be two times as much and they would supporting the cities with sales taxes and businesses would grow and they would hire more and the wages would be spread around and everyone would pay and benefit. So in a place where there is a bad economy and large poverty, this is where wages should be raised. First to keep workers there, this would turn things around faster than austerity and bankruptcies don’t give. Just pay a living wage.