Friday, November 8, 2013

TPP Worse Than NAFTA & WTO

Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the new enemy of the working class people. The TPP is the oligarchies’ new plan to get even more wealth diverted to them by once again standing on the backs of the wage slaves while taking away all the tools from us, the wage slaves. The TPP is considered worse than North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and World Trade Organization (WTO). If a union tries to fight back, especially if a union has assets that can be lost in a lawsuit, will fail under the TPP, which will be empowered to sue for obstruction and a monetary settlement if a union strikes. No union will nor should they chance that. TPP is a 12 country group of Pacific Rim countries with more than 200 trade issue “professionals” in the regions represented in TPP, which make up our largest trading partners. The most disturbing aspect of TPP is the three branches of our government, who are responsible for protecting our workers’ rights, have been bribed or silenced. According to its website, the TPP is to create trade agreements, to resolve disputes, and to participate in global trade policy organizations. “We also meet with governments, with business groups, with legislators and with public interest groups to gather input on trade issues and to discuss the President's trade policy positions.” However, what little is known about TPP is that “the final deal will probably replicate the same flawed model of NAFTA, throwing workers and whole communities under the bus and letting foreign corporations take the wheel,” according to the Teamsters. So once again the old International Workers of the World were right in their thinking of a worldwide union for all workers and where a contract is never signed and unions do not build any kind of monetary assets, which can be taken in court. This way the worker can retain the only power to fight, which is using their feet and walk outing out in a leaderless organization. The new wage slaves need to change the tactics and use new and the old ones. If we don’t fight back there will be no stopping the corporate vulture capitalism. This is much worse than NAFTA or WTO. All union workers need to ask their union reps about TPP and our sending money to the people who are supporting this union busting trade agreement. If they are supporting TPP, why are they? Remember, apathy is the unions’ worse enemy and the corporations’ best friend.