Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sea Ports Hold the Key

Don’t forget your best defense strategy is a good offense strategy. So when the money people, who are mostly GOP anti-union people with a strategy of keeping the “have nots” in a defensive mode trying to protect what little they have. This is when a good offense toward higher wages, like $15 to $18 an hour will be the most effective way to defend what’s left and make headway toward a better wage and working conditions. This is the time for all wage slave workers to band together: union, nonunion, Democrat, GOP, independent, Green Peace or Libertarian, which all are being beaten down in life and on the job with low wages and the ones who don’t have jobs and are just trying to survive with no food stamps or unemployment checks. There is no reason why all workers and non- workers cannot work together and vote for people who will look out for your interest. People who have a proven track record and not one who say what you want to hear, but are actually working for the oligarchies, like the Koch brothers. If the workers in Bosnia can fight together after shedding blood against each other just a few years ago, then we should be as forgiving as the Muslims, Serbs and Croatian workers are toward each other. They have figured out that they can’t bring about change on their own so they have to put aside their superficial differences and work together against the oligarchies. The founding members of the International Workers of the World took all workers in, regardless of gender, race, country—no one was left out. All were included. The workers’ best and most powerful weapon is people and we should not go into battle with one arm tied behind us nor go to a gun fight with a knife. We need to stop and put our priorities in order and think what is best for our families and all families of the working people. Think for yourself. Remember, the talking heads who spew their talking points are not on your side. They are paid shills of the 1 percent. This class struggle is going on all over the world. But unlike here, workers in other countries like Ukraine, England, China, Thailand, Venezuela, and others, are joining together in their fights against American companies like IBM’s wages and Pepsi’s pay cuts. In fact, China last year had 656 different worker strikes. Again, if all workers of the world ever pull off a worldwide strike, they, the workers, would own the work and the world. The key to a worldwide shutdown is the sea ports. Shut them down you control the world, so all ports must be union or in control of the workers. If we win we have the tools: people, communications, but do we have the will?