Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Work Less, Get Paid Same

Work less but get paid the same while the employer gets more production out of the happy workers. If given three-days off a work week, most workers would be eager to see Monday morning roll around. I know this because I worked six years at a community college at 19 and one-half hours a week, Monday through Thursday with Thursdays being my shorter day. Most of the time I got the equivalent of an eight-hour day by planning and working smart; however, the college did not pay much for the specialized work I was doing. This concept works; one only has to look at the coding/web design/online interactive educational platform company, Treehouse. Its employees work four days a week with full pay and in return the company receives excellent work results with a high morale among the employees. Still the concept for all except the wages worked well. So if we, as a country, would pay all workers a living wage, such as $2,500 a month whether they work or not this would open many jobs for people who want more money. With the $2,500 and part-time work people could earn a very good living and their families would not need s two-person household earners, which would mean one family member could be at home with their children. Having a parent home when children come home from school is much healthier for the children, workers and the community in the long run. Having the monthly stipends would also keep sick employees home and not infect others. This alone would save millions and millions pf dollars every year. The consumer economy, which is supported by our spending, 69 percent of our Gross Domestic Product is based on consumption. To create a significant number of new jobs there must be an increase in consumer demand, and this would happen when there is money in the hands of our people. The GOP should love this for there would be no need for food stamps, no welfare and all would be paying taxes. The savings would be just about even out the costs. With a robust economy maybe we could pry loose some of the money the 1 percent oligarchies are sitting on or have stashed in offshore banks accounts. They should be told all in or all out and if you become rich using all our commons (roads, law enforcement, educational system, etc.) then you must pay for the share you use in higher taxes. Remember, it has gone from 90 percent to the low 30 percent and some do not even pay their taxes. They get money from us for nothing. It’s time for big changes, we, the proletarians, are finally waking up and we have ideas of what we want and we deserve a piece of the money pie and a good life for our families. It is time to even things out and yes, it is the Have Nots/Have Littles against the Have Everythings.