Monday, September 29, 2014

Hong Kong Using History's Lessons

There is hope for the toilers and soon to be toilers recently a mother of a 12-year-old young lady asked how to find to my blog. Her concerns were that there is no honest history books about labor and how we how we have gotten to where we are today. They do not trust our school history books to tell the whole story. This is good for to understand history one must realize that history books at their best is just a person’s view of what happened at a given time and if you have a hundred people viewing at once you get a hundred different views. So, for any given event one must look at as many views as possibly to understand what has taken place and maybe not to do the same thing or if it had a good outcome, try it again. This is why knowing your history is so important and why we need to know it. Not knowing our history can work against us if we are blind when studying history. Maybe there will be a 12-year-old person who will use history and the lessons learned to do well for the 99 percent. At this time the people of Hong Kong have been studying history on what might be the actions China would or could use against the protesters. They, the protesters, already have used some new tactics, which has worked to their benefit. As an example, most protesters stood and faced the canisters of tear gas, and some received injuries from these canisters. The Hong Kong protesters inverted umbrellas to catch the canisters when they came raining down. Brilliant move, Hong Kong. Local restaurants are feeding the protesters, and the protesters are doing what Occupy did, by keeping their environment clean and even recycling. The labor world has become simpler with the today’s communications and social media outlets. We now can watch events unfold in real time, but this is not only working for the good people, but it is also working for the bad ISIS/ISIL people and the bad governments use these new devices. One way to counter this was seen in Hong Kong, the protesters said they would protest on Wednesday, but met up on Saturday instead catching the law enforcement off guard. These protesters are using the "hands up" as the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri have adopted. Our good Army of toilers must be supported by the Haves, Have Littles and the Have Nothings. This is where we must recruit and maintain our strength, and we cannot afford to lose the Have Nothings, who have no hope left. One way to recruit them is getting the $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage passed and helping them if they want to unionize. History will show that if we, the 99 percent, do not come together with the 1 percent money people and reverse the inequality in wages and lifestyle. There will be more Have Nothings joining up with the terror groups worldwide, we, in the U.S., have many terror groups that would love to have more members. The difference with good people is that we are asking the money hoarders to end inequality or face groups like ISIS/ISIL who are just taking it from them. The 1 percent money hoarders want their capitalist system to survive, they better pick a side soon or they will not have a place to hide. The world is getting smarter and smaller each day. Young people should check out a Belgian singer/songwriter/rapper, Paul van Haver. He writes the world’s most depressing party songs with a story about the situation, inequality and how the rich takes a dump on the poor.