Sunday, October 5, 2014

Worldwide Update

The young people have started to join up with what is left of the old toilers. The young will be a formidable force for they have nothing to lose in this fight and everything to again. Look at Hong Kong where the young man, Joshua Wong, who started planning the current protest when he was just 15 years old and in two years of planning, put the protest in motion. He now, at age 17, is the same age that most governments like their soldiers to be because most young people this age think they are invincible. These are or can be the shock troops of the non-violent civil disobedience way to win the 99 percent over the 1 percent war. Now we just have to wait and hope for women equal to or better than Joshua Wong, who is leading the protest in Hong Kong, and hope that his arrest is just temporary, and if not then have them step up to the challenge and keep fighting. The toilers of the world are indeed on the march worldwide. There were hundreds of thousands marching in New York, USA, against climate change, wage inequality, wars, and inequality of living standards. Thousands in Hong Kong are marching for a say in who will represent them in government. Ukraine is still fighting to keep Russia out and allow the country to govern with their chosen leaders. Then we have the Kurds and Turkey fighting ISIS/ISIL. The underlying cause of most of the world’s unrest can be pointed to the oligarchies of the world who control most of the governments and elected officials. The bought elected officials now represent the world’s corporations and have silenced the voice of the wage slaves. This could be rectified by better wages, like $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage, free education (like Germany has voted to do), paid wages while going to school, single payer or free healthcare for all, better labor laws where unions can protect workers’ rights, such as work place safety, pensions. To counter this, we must elect people who will protect our commons, which are now being exploited by the large corporations for their greedy profits with total disregard of the 99 percent. The strategy should be education of our people, which starts in the home, making sure that schools teach the true history of labor— the good, and bad, and the good and bad of our government. Teach nonviolent, civil disobedience and encourage good leadership this has to come from our young people. They will be our shock troops who will put boots on the ground and reinforce the ranks of the toilers as the toilers grow old, lose faith, get arrested, injured or even, in some cases, killed. This fight for the people is much better than losing a life over oil or some corporation’s profits. This fight is for our wage slaves. We all fit in here as the Haves, the Used to Haves, the Have Littles, the Have Nots or the Have Nothings.