Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Where's the Money

Where's all the cash? Hint, it's not in your pocket. The need for cash is necessary to alleviate the war on the poor. The latest facts show 1.5 million households with 3 million children have cash incomes of less than $2 a day. The number we usually use to measure third- and fourth-world poverty. Then in order to get the cash to pay rent in some dilapidated housing, buy diapers, and even tampons. They will have to sell their blood or their food stamps at a deep discount and the desperately poor people are willing to lose about 40 percent of the value of their food stamps, which is the going rate to trade some of their stamps for cash. There is about 15 million people who are in deep poverty with annual incomes of about $10,000 below half the poverty line for a family of three. A lot of the $2 a day people are single mothers without a high school diploma whose jobs have been in decline. This is one of many reasons that we need $15 to $18 an hour minimum wage, single payer healthcare, unions, free education, job training, and childcare. The U.S. and the world must reduce poverty and life inequality, and climate change. All of these things are connected and the only way they can be fixed is through the voting of the proletarians we cannot wait on the 1 percent. The 1 percent are too busy robbing and raping the world. Economist and author Thomas Pikkety recently said the low taxes on the 1 percent has made them richer while making the rest of us poorer; and OxFam posted that the riches 62 individuals have more wealth than the 3.6 billion of the world’s poorest. In the U.S. think Senator Bernie Sanders, in the rest of the world think progressives and good unions with educated voters. The world belongs to the young for better or worse—hopefully, for the better.