Monday, March 28, 2016

Put Some Skin in The Game

It is not very often in the lifetime of a minimum-wage worker that they can make a monetary investment in their future; but in this election the students and wage slaves can invest in Bernie Sanders’ Revolution. For as little as $3 or an average donation of $27, this investment could provide a lifetime pay out in dividends to you and your family—young and old alike, such as single payer healthcare, unions with pensions, Social Security with raises, free education, a $15 an hour minimum wage, prison reform with the elimination of private prisons, legalization of marijuana, card check for unions, no or new or fair trade policies that help U.S. workers as well as other countries and addressing climate change. If these small donors, who now have skin in the game, vote and support Sanders, it will prove to be just as important as any financial contributions. By giving a small amount in money or time, the donor will have contributed to their and their families’ future. This may be their last chance to act. If a Republican gets the presidency, the GOP will unravel what little we have left. If Hillary Clinton gets the presidency, she will remain status quo which means we will continue to be screwed in favor of the corporations, big banks and Wall Street. The GOP and Sanders dissenters say he has no foreign policy, which is false. But what's probably more important is that he does have support in most countries, and this good will and respect will do a lot of good, and demonstrates a lot of gravitas in Sanders’ government. If Warren is his vice president, it will make for an unstoppable combination and power the revolution. The GOP and Hillary's camp are throwing every lame accusation at Bernie and you have to ask yourself, Why? Go to his website and read his positions before listening to the desperate exaggerations of his inadequacies.