Friday, April 8, 2016

Panama Papers Expose Greed

Why would billionaires feel they need to steal and hide money from the 47 percent from the Have Littles when the Have Littles have nothing in comparison? Is greed a sickness? If this is a class war then why do we, the Have Littles, keep sending out sons and daughters to war to protect the 1 percents assets the world over? It should be obvious to the Have Littles that the 1 percent do not care about their countries, and do not want to pay their share in taxes, but they want us to spill our blood and forfeit our lives to protect their interests and corporations. Do you think the poor in these countries benefit in any way by all this money is being hoarded in their countries? With the exposed murky world of shell companies by the Panama Papers, we can see the evidence of just how wealthy oligarchies conceal their money. Twelve current and former world leaders maintain offshore shell companies and we, here in the U.S., will find out who is not paying their taxes to support our country and pay for the privilege of living here--using our Commons for free. These freeloaders should lose their citizenship and their right to do business if they want to stash their money in a foreign country. They should live in the country where their money is residing and let that country protect them, their families and their money and not the U.S. The workers of the world need to take back our countries and do what is best for us and our planet. The days of oligarchies and corporations raping and pillaging and then running off to another country to repeat the carnage are about to end. The sun is shining on them and it is getting very hot. The U.S. election could very well be the tipping point one way or the other if we elect Bernie Sanders, who understands what is happening and what is at stakes. He warned us years ago this crap coming out of the Panama Papers would happen if the government approved the Panama Trade Agreement. If the U.S. election goes to Hillary Clinton, who favored the Panama Trade Agreement, our situation will get worse in 2016. She is part of the establishment and as secretary of state she persuaded Haiti government to reduce the garment workers’ wage increase to 61 cents an hour down to 31 cents for her American corporate friends. She also supported the immoral Iraq and Libya invasions, and the coup in Honduras. Sanders is our best chance to crawl out of this inequality and regain out rights to our Commons and save our planet. Your vote counts--at least for a while until the oligarchies, national corporations, Wall Street, big banks and corrupt politicians figure out a way to completely rig the system against the citizens, as they’ve been trying to do for years, little-by-little chipping away at our electoral process. They have much more to lose than we do so they will go to any lengths to keep what they have, but what they don’t realize is that their greed is blinding them to the fact that there are more of us than them and if we all rise up for what’s right, they can lose what they treasure. Next week, we’ll find out who in the U.S. is in the Panama Papers, but with our current political corruptions I’m not holding my breath that anything legal action will be done to them since the big banks got away with screwing over the economy, current political corruptions at our polling places have gone unpunished while Icelanders demanded and got their leader to resign over his involvement in this scandal.