Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Ghost of Warren G. Harding

Labor the world over at this time has no friends in this corporate world, and there is no political part that will support labor because unions don’t have the kind of money politicians are looking for. The political parties now side with Wall Street, corporations, big banks and lobbyists for this is where the money and political power is and where laws can be written—laws that will make them more money. One only has to look at the U.K., France, Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Turkey, South America, and, of course, here in the U.S. where labor laws have been shot full of holes and probably do more harm than good. Now is the time for a revolution of minimum wage workers, students burdened by student loans, all labor unions, people on Social Security, veterans, minorities and all the rest of us to band together to bring voter pressure on the Democrats, if not them, then a new people’s party because what we have now is not working for either party, Democratic or GOP. Are we in the U.S. reverting back to the President Warren G. Harding days of 1921 where Harding advocated more business in government and less government in business? President Harding said there was nothing mystifying or elusive about the concept of a conservative state in those days. Conservatism was just the normal state of business of American government, regardless of whichever party was in office, Republicans or Democrats. Conservatism was part of Harding’s description and mindset of good government. "Everyone knew what conservatism was, who it answered to, what it did, and what it stood for: control of the state by the people who obviously should control it. The successful, the powerful, and the wealthy--men of means who had the most at stake" like bankers, industrialists, legislators, workers and even intellectuals whose job was to justify and explain rather than question or criticize, according to Thomas Frank's book The Wrecking Crew. This is what our two party system of today have and want, and the leaders of both parties will keep all the same laws and regulations that benefit them the most. This is why we need a world revolution, and here in the U.S., we must have Bernie Sanders and a majority in the House and Senate.