Monday, July 4, 2016

Greed's Unintended Consequences

There are unintended consequences of the 1 percent’s greed in offshoring corporations to save on taxes and labor costs. This greed has awakened the Have Littles to the fact that there is and has been a war waged against them by the 1 percent. This has been going on for about 40 years and most of this scheming has gone unnoticed because the corporate media has blocked coverage of it. Now the greed has gone too far and will bite the anti-worker 1 percent in the ass and the governments that support them. The people have had all they can take and are demanding their rights. Rights that include good wages, healthcare, pensions, unions, free education, and protection of our environment and climate. The sad thing is that most of these rights are provided to citizens in other countries, some countries are trying to take them away from their citizens and those countries where the citizens are fighting for these right—the sad fact is that other countries got the ideas to give or take these rights from their citizens from us. The onslaught against workers is worldwide and going on as this is being written in places like the UK, Brazil, France, Greece, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Ukraine, Spain, and South Korea, just to name a few. And one of the unintended consequences is that the world is now smaller and bad things can no longer be hidden, like bad trade deals that only benefit the 1 percent, going to war to make the 1 percent richer spilling the blood of our fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters. This is why the 2016 election is a make or break deal for what is left of the middle of the middle class and the Have Littles. Now that we have an army of revolutionaries, thanks to Bernie Sanders, let’s not retreat before we attack. This is another unintended consequence when the enemy puts you in a corner with no room to escape you will fight to the death to get out. This is a mistake the 1 percent has made and maybe they should have read “The Art of War,” and learned the wage slaves have a play book. When the enemy shows weakness and desperation, it is the time to attack, and the GOP and conservatives worldwide are in crisis and splitting apart. This is now a time to bring them to labor’s side or to their knees.