Sunday, October 9, 2016

It's Your Turn Millennials

Worried about your future and that of your children? Get involved. The future is for the young and if the young don’t step up and take control, the future won’t be worth living. Young people in their 20s and 30s should be the people running for office in local boards, such as water, fire, utilities, school and city and county office. If they were elected to county board of supervisors or city councils, they appoint planning commissioners, which regulates economic, infrastructure and construction development within the limits of the county or city jurisdiction.  Young people who are in junior college should run for elementary through high school boards. I think they could bring a lot to the table on what is needed in education today. Even if they are not elected, they could attend the school board meetings and speak up, especially during election forums with their fresh ideas and experience. If they decide to run for office, they could ask for money on social media to fund their run for office. In California, city, county boards and special districts, such as water, fire or mosquito districts, appoint or elect members to LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission), which oversees the expansion of an entity’s boundaries and spheres of influence to ensure no overlapping occurs within the county they live in.  It is not uncommon for city or county elected officials to be paid for their time, but some times being at the table is more valuable than money because it gives you a say in your future. This is the only way to defeat inequality in wages and lifestyles. It will be the young who save our planet and end the endless wars. Hopefully, we can find a lot of Bernie Sanders types with no baggage and if they are honest with good ideas, Sanders has shown us that there is now a proven way to fundraise. Check with other countries and see how or if they are handling the inequality, student debt, healthcare and climate change and how they are implementing that can be replicated here.