Monday, January 2, 2017

Is California Next?

Is California next on the Koch brothers’ agenda? The Republicans will have 33 governors in office, and in 25 of those states, the Republicans will also control both the governorships and the legislations. The Democrats have six governors and legislations, and the rest of the states are politically divided. Sam Lansing is chief operating officer at the Americans for Prosperity, a conservative super pac bankrolled by the Koch brothers, and he thinks now is the best opportunity to accomplish a lot of the big-ticket items in 10 to 15 states. People in these states will be steamrolled on policies, such as destroying unions, Social Security, Medicare, right to work laws, school vouchers to break the teachers’ union and private prisons, while giving tax breaks wealthy. How long will it be before the GOP and the Koch brothers start in on California and New York, which will now be considered their holy grail for destruction. They decimated the unions in the birthplace of public unions, Wisconsin. If we, in these states, think it can’t happen to us just look at our new president. We did not see that coming either. If you think he’s on your side, you’d be sadly mistaken. He brings in foreign workers to work in his buildings so he doesn’t have to pay Americans a living wage. He’s an image maker, a con artist and an opportunist, not a diplomat, not a president and not a decent human being. We must never forget that and not become apathetic. The Koch brothers, in a Grinch or Scrooge McDuck fashion, have a plan to finish off the remainder of the 99 percent, steal whatever little crumbs they have so they can have it all. California and New York workers, especially union workers, must remain vigilant and thwart the GOP and Koch brothers’ attempt to conquer the last of the union strongholds.