Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Time to Read & Fight

One of the best playbook to destroy a democracy was written in a new biography of Adolf Hitler by Richard J. Evans. This is the playbook that is close to what our new president is using. With only some name recognition and no political experience, Donald Trump, like Hitler, found the underbelly of disenfranchised people and the electoral college and got himself elected to office with speeches full of allegations and vile stereotypes; and they were precisely designed to gain maximum attention from the media and the reaction from the crowds who gathered to hear his rhetoric. Also, in Trump’s speeches, he flaunted vulgarities and exploited tribal hatreds, and he lied and lied his way to success. But his similarities with Hitler does not end there. Just like Hitler ensured he stayed in power, Trump ensured the Armed Forces were on his side by giving them massive increases in funding, he’s reduced the checks and balances, and provided a huge armaments program, which is supposed to make America great again with an aggressive attitude toward international affairs. It is fortunate that Hitler never got his hands on nuclear weapons, though he was close. Our new president has nuclear weapons and he needs babysitting what with his temperament, immaturity, and impulsivity he is capable of anything. At this time, our only hope is he just implodes or the our elected officials remove him from office before it’s too late. It is time for us to turn off our televisions and start reading and fighting back.