Sunday, May 21, 2017

GOP's Trojan Horse

The GOP anti-union people will take over California by coming through the back door. This will be done by very wealthy donors supporting high profile school choice candidates. Looking ahead to 2018, some of the most active school choice donors are already contributing to pro-charter school candidates for state school chief and even for state governor. Some of these money people are Timothy Draper, who spent $23 million; Netflix founder Reed Hastings spent $5.8 million; Donald and Doris Fisher, founders of the GAP store, spent $6 million; Jim Carr Walton and Alice Walton contributed millions to California organizations that advocate for school choice; and Michael Bloomberg, businessman and former mayor of New York, spent $2 million. Most of this money has gone to California Charter Schools Association committees. Do not expect the California Democratic party to protect you or even be on your side. The core of the Democratic elite are corporate whores. In a contested battle, the party just rammed Eric Bauman, a pharmaceutical lobbyist as the chair of the California Democratic party. This guy helped block lower prices for medication. I’m sure he our best interest at heart. Also, former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a Democrat, is an advocate for charter school and he has money pouring in for his governor run in 2018. Most of this charter school effort is just a guise to break the Teachers’ Union and take over California from the Democrats. The unions of California must not just leave the fight to the Teachers’ Union because this effort could and can kill off all unions in California. The next effort will be to make California a right to work state. If all these pro-charter school candidates get elected into legislation and governorship, they will destroy our unions, such as the building trades, fire, Cal Fire, medical unions and all public unions. So, we must not fall for this charter school voucher crap. They just want to privatize schools, which some people will make lots of money off the backs of our children. This could be the GOP’s Trojan Horse.