Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Taxes & Our Decisions

The worker pays taxes, many corporations don’t. In fact, some corporations benefitted greatly from the $700 billion government bailout, and most haven’t paid the money back nor any taxes.
Not only did Bank of America received a $45 billion bailout, not paid one cent back, but its leader came out against organized labor -- the common working person. Yet, many workers still do business with B of A and trust it with their money. 
Other giants that do not pay taxes are General Electric, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Boeing, and Exxon-Mobile -- Republicans recently refused to cut the subsidies paid to oil companies, which are seeing a huge profit, once again off the backs of the common worker. With political favoritism like this, we have met the enemy and it is the GOP - and some Democrats.
 As individuals there isn’t much we can do to fight against the system, but as a united front we can bring about change. As soon as we heard about what Bank of America was doing against the working class, we closed our account and opened one with a local Credit Union.

Supporting the businesses that want to cut the wages and benefits of the working class is equivalent to small businesses paying dues to the Chamber of Commerce to bring in box stores that eventually put the small business owner out of business. You are essentially giving your hard earned money to a business that uses its profits to your detriment by supporting anti-worker politicians and legislation.
What we need in Shasta County is a list of businesses to support and those we should avoid. My family began boycotting stores, such as Target, that openly back legislation that is against the working class; and supporting stores like Safeway and Raley’s because their union workers. 
These are small examples of putting our feet on the ground, but if enough people do this, the corporations will feel the pinch. We have to be willing to pay more or do without to get our point across.
Next, my thoughts will address the effect of state labor negotiations, local government unions and outsourcing.