Friday, March 18, 2011

Prepare for the onslaught

We must support whoever will protect workers, their pensions and health care, which are usually Democrats. If California loses the Democratic majority in its elected politicians, we will be the next Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio or Florida. If we lose more Democrats at the federal government level it will be even worse for the working people.

The workers must put their feet on the ground and not be intimidated or embarrassed to fight for thier rights. This is now class warfare. The corporations want a low-wage, uneducated class of workers - the ones we used to call the 'middle class.'  And don't think our government will protect us. There is ample proof in our labor history to show that the government used force against its own people. What happened in Tunsia and Egypt would never have been allowed here. The government and corporations have in the past used our National Guard (remember Kent State), U.S. troops (the 1932 Bonus March) and private mercenaries, such as the Baldwin-Felts detectives, Pinkertons and Blackwater now Xe (1920 Battle of Matewan).

This onslaught against the workers can be stopped for a while with the ballot box. We have our feet, corporations have their money.

The onslaught is already beginning. You only have to look as far as the City of Redding to see its encroachment against our local workers. We cannot support our own alone, we must support all workers, union and non-union.

In the immortal words of labor leader Joe Hill, 1915, "Don't mourn - organize."