Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” is a must read for all war colleges and large corporation executives, and there is no doubt that it would also be found in the GOP’s playbook; but it can also be in our playbook.

For it states, if we know yourself (our labor history) we can win half of our battles, but if we know ourselves and our enemy (the GOP) we have a better chance to win all our battles. Just look at what the GOP union busting did recently. It went to Wisconsin and drove a knife into the very heart of the birthplace of the government employee unions. Now we have to counter.

What we should do is pass card check in every state and then organize all the retail box stores, which buys most of their products from overseas. Corporations can move their factories overseas, but the corporations have to bring the products back to the U.S. to sell. Here is where we the workers can even it up. We must organize those corporations. We do have retail, department stores, restaurants, and grocery stores unions. These employees are represented by the Retail Wholesale ad Department Store Unions. There is also the United Food and Commercial Workers, now the Change to Win Federation. This division represents service workers, sales, maintenance workers as well as citrus, food processing, tobacco, jewelry, novelty, and toy industries.

Today the GOP is on the offensive in many states, which cost us a lot of money ( Art of War: “draining the treasury and wearing down our troops.”) An example of this is the $20 million the Ohio Democrats and unions will spend to get the necessary 231,000 signatures in 90 days (before June) to place a referendum on the ballot to counter the union-striping bill of the GOP and Ohio Governor George Voinovich.

To counter this we should go on the offensive, such as the recent farmer workers labor bill in California (the same as card check). It was a party-line vote 21-14. This would mark a victory for labor during a year of when we are taking a beating in state houses around the country. How did we get this passed? We had the votes.

Now the GOP will have to spend money and give its attention to stopping this bill and split its forces (Art of War). By the way, Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill four times. We need to keep an eye on Jerry Brown. Some times the best defense is a a good offense. We should push card check in every state.