Sunday, April 17, 2011

Unions vs Associations & the U.S. Supreme Court

One of the great things about our judicial system is that if you are right or wrong anyone with enough money can get heard at the final stop in the court system. The U.S. Supreme Court and, this is good except when our unbiased Supreme Court is not unbiased, such as it is now. For now the injustices that are being imposed upon our citizens, women’s rights and union workers do not dare go to court for fear their case may end up in the Supreme Court with a final decision that is ruled against women’s and union rights.

We must get the Supreme Court back to an unbiased court. How do we do this? Keep a friendly president in office with a congress and senate that backs the president. In the meantime we will not have the legal process to help us so we will just have to work on winning the public’s opinion with the truth and the consequences of the GOP against the middle class and retired people.

Remember the Supreme Court giveth and Supreme Court taketh away.

And then consider ...

Why are unions getting a bad rap? Most all professions have association to protect themselves. What’s the difference between a union and an association? They both pay dues. Businesses have the chamber of commerce, doctors have medical associations (unions), lawyers have bar associations (unions) and manufacturers have the manufacturing association (unions). Football is a totally social program. The players have a union and the owners split the money earned among the owners. Both unions and associations have political action committees.

So the only thing I can think of to explain the bad press unions are receiving is a class issue (class warfare) on the working middle class families.

We used to be proud to wear our union hats, putting union bumpers stickers on our bumpers, but the GOP antiunion have spun the talk until a lot of uninformed people now think unions are to blame for all the money problems, and not paying attention we have let the antiunion people (GOP) take our name (union), and vilify it. The antiunion organizations still have their unions with different names for the same thing.

So to change this we have to understand how and why this happened. The how is just like the school yard give someone a bad name spin it until it takes hold. Then they or it will have the brand. So we must start branding the GOP’s anti-workers message with what they are doing with us, and they, the GOP, are now going after the older population’s Medicare and Social Security. We have to call the GOP out on these social issues for what they are, Class Warfare.

So what does this all mean? The Supreme Court and all the associations listed above are working against the working class and labor unions.