Friday, August 12, 2011

Can We Catch a Ride in Your Tax-Subsidized Corporate Jet?

I am sure the taxes we pay to subsidize the corporate jets takes care of the fuel and upkeep, and we workers, most of us, have never ridden in a corporate jet. I am also sure our families would love to take our vacations in one instead of being packed in our car, paying $4 a gallon for gas and driving without the air conditioning in hopes of saving gas. Or catching a ride to our children’s Little League baseball games in a tax-paid helicopter.

Love the Bush tax cuts or take the tax cuts for the rich off the table in the debt ceiling argument. Then in that agreement we were told we Social Security and Medicare people were getting way too much so they are cutting us and we still don’t get a ride in the corporate jets. What the hell? The 1 percent of the people who have the most think we workers are the most generous people or the dumbest. They probably think the later. We need to wise up. What the anti-workers agenda is just going to get worse. The Republicans have no problem holding anyone hostage to get what they want.

Look at what they just did to the airline workers, airport safety and airport construction workers, and the U.S. government lost millions of dollars in taxes and all they were after was to bust the union. It is not just the unions they are after, the Republicans want to destroy all workers earning $250,000 a year right down to the people pushing shopping carts in the streets, and some of us might want to reserve one of those carts unless we get our act together. We need all organized union and nonunion workers. There is no reason we cannot work together for the better good of our families.