Thursday, August 4, 2011

What the Hell Happened in 2009?

What the Hell Happened?

We need the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) and we were very close in 2009. President Obama and Vice President Biden co-authored the bill and it had passed the Congress. Organized labor invested $450 million in the Obama campaign, and the Democrats had or were very close to a 60 filibuster-proof vote in support of the Act.

The AFL-CIO had a war chest of $14 million dedicated to the passage of the Act. What’s more, the Democrats and organized labor, and the media did an excellent job of keeping it very quiet, and most businesses were unaware of the campaign. This was to be passed in 2009 so what the hell happened? 

We know that a union busting organization by the name of “People Works International” was on this like a dog on a bone. Check these people out:

They are a piece of work. We need to get to know them to know our enemy (Art of War). We have a chance to beat them.

What did the AFL-CIO get for its money? It wasn’t card check (EFCA). What happened to the politicians that accepted the money in exchange for their support for EFCA? We are dependent upon those we elect and if we can’t trust them who can we trust? We need more politicians like Bernie Sanders, and maybe supporting the third party candidates is the answer. I wonder what Al Gore would have done?