Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Look to the Past to Understand the Present

Remember all of the 9/11 grants that were available to protect us from the terrorists? Billions of dollars that were granted to government agencies, such as fire departments, and city and count law enforcement. We, the workers, paid for all that equipment to fight terrorism -- or so we thought.

It now seems that a lot of that money was and has been used against us, the 99% who paid for it. I don’t think we, the 99%, understood that it would be used against us and that this has been planned for a long time. It stands to reason that the GOP knew that their control over this country would come to an end and that that 99% would awaken to what the GOP had done to this country by their insatiable greed and to the destruction of the American Dream.

The GOP and well-equipped law enforcement were ready for us except for one thing -- they can’t find the leaders of the 99%. So, instead, they spew barrels of pepper spray on the protesters and for that they will lose. This is the Patriot Act in action. We voted for this and as a result we have given up our rights -- these might come back to haunt us.

We never thought that we could be arrested for free speech. So much for ignorance and apathy; but all-in-all I guess that rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray and night sticks, water hoses and LRAD is still better than getting shot as what happened at Kent and Jackson states.