Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time to Pay Back

Is it time we retired union workers with our nice pensions start paying back? Our union workers of old fought and died for our rights today so today’s retirees could live in comfort. Most of our retirees today did not have to spill blood to protect their jobs; hell, most of us only had to show up for work and pay our dues.

Now our unions have just about vanished and on our watch. We might think hard about parking our golf carts, motor homes, and our boats and think about how we can pay our unions back and help rebuild the working class - the 99%. We need to support the OWS, who are there for the 99% by being on the streets, sacrificing at all costs and creature comforts for a better America.

When things finally turn around and the unions go to the workers and ask them to join the unions, the workers will ask, ‘Where in the hell were the unions when we, OWS - the 99% - were in the streets?’ They have a right to ask that question. OWS - the 99% - are fighting for our members, our children and grandchildren. Whether we recognize this or not. All so our members, who are out of work should think about hitting the streets.

We, the unions, have a great opportunity to show just how good we are as union members. After all the OWS could be our future members. We will have to earn that privilege by building trust and showing we are still a power who can get things done. Remember we, the ‘Have a Littles’, must help the ‘Have Nothings.’ We owe this to the union members of the 1800-1940s. Google Ludlow, Pullman Strike or Matewan for a better understanding of the sacrifices made. In the words of IWW’s Joe Hill before he was hung for union activities, “Don’t waste time mourning, unionize!”

We will see some big changes in the next year or so worldwide. The unions must not miss this opportunity. This could very well be our Alamo.