Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oligarchies Winning; Unions Losing

The oligarchies, which back ALEC, are just kicking our butts. They have, by the way of legislation put our unions on the defensive, and we, union working people, are not helping ourselves by voting Republican and local unions raiding each other’s membership.

What we need is more membership, not just recycling our old members, which is just a waste of time and weakening unions. The money and time should be spent on new members or trying to get more public support for our existing unions, policies and ideas. The oligarchies’ power of wealth distorts and is outflanking the democratic power of participation.

We have to find a way to counter the oligarchy-funded plutocracy government that we are entering into or we will all become proletariats – wage slaves to the oligarchies. They are only worried about how to keep all their money and power to continue to buy politicians and appoint judges, who enforce the laws, which are written by the lobbyists for the politicians who vote to enact them.

The 99% with union support is the only tool the proletarian wage slaves have at this time. We need to join together and educate ourselves and our other workers and retired people.

To get in the mood for this fight some good books to read are ‘The Dream of Debs,’ ‘Moon-Face’ and ‘The Iron Heel’ by Jack London; ‘ ‘Rebel Voices: An IWW Anthology’ by Joyce L. Kornbluh; and ‘Walter Reuther’ by Nelson Lichtensten.

If we know ourselves and know our enemies, we will win our battles – ‘Art of War’ by Niccolo Machiavelli.