Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Right to Work For Less States

There are now 23 work for less states in the U.S. How did this happen?

Well, one way was how the legislation was worded. The bill was written as ‘The Right to Work.’ So who would vote against the right to work? For everyone has the right to work, but that was not the real issue. The real reason was to weaken labor unions by letting workers be in a union shop and not pay dues. A large group of union members voted for this not understanding what it would do to them.

To make matters worse there are a lot of union members who joined the GOP because the GOP was successful in hijacking outdoor sports, such as hunting, fishing and shooting sports with the fear of gun laws, environmental laws and it was - and is – just bull. A lot of fire personnel, law enforcement and postal workers vote GOP. Maybe they thought that the GOP would not attack them. How did that work for the Air Traffic Controllers?

Now the most recent attacks are on the civil workers in Arizona, New Hampshire, Utah and California. When I was a union labor organizer I was always amazed at the thought process of union members who voted for Republicans not thinking of the repercussions. So maybe those who belong to unions and vote Republican need to lose their unions benefits and have to start all over. With nothing and a low wage like the good old days of the 1800s and early 1900s when workers fought and died for the labor rights that are eroding away today.

Forget about the bullshit and start fighting and voting for yourself. Think before you vote and don’t just think of yourself. Think of your family and all the working people in this country. The anti-union GOP smells blood and are just getting started in destroying labor unions.

Why are the GOP spending so much time and money on breaking the unions? The reason is the unions are the only thing standing in the way of the complete takeover of the corporate power, which will lead to a plutocracy form of government.

Good luck workers. You will need it.