Sunday, March 4, 2012

99% and 1% Getting Ready for Spring

The 1% are at this time putting up legislation that is prohibits protesting or picketing outside of businesses or government buildings, which would just about shut down anything the 99% or unions are trying to do. Georgia has an anti-picketing bill that would ban all union pickets or gatherings outside of businesses. This is a huge throwback to the 1800-1930s. I wrote a blog entry, U.S. Supreme Court Giveth and Taketh, and in it I wrote about how the Supreme Court giveth and taketh away.

Well, the courts are about to taketh away and all the gains that the IWW Wobblies fought and died for will be for naught. They must be turning in their graves. We must take back the courts for the working wage slaves if not there is no doubt that the wage slaves will become more temporary workers or workampers. Is this what we, workers, and retired people want to leave our children and grandchildren?

Things will have to change and we must keep the right for free speech and the right to assemble at all cost, and if we have to hit the streets literally then we must start preparing now for the spring and our last chance for electing a congress and senate and a president who will support the wage slaves.

The world is watching us to see if we are fighters so we need to think big and put the 1% on the defense and make them reactive so they cannot be so proactive. Maybe we should try the Holy Grail, a national strike to show what people power is and then see if the conversation will be about the needs of our country and the good of our people or just the 1% oligarchies.

We must make our voices heard and get the respect we deserve; it will be the 99% against the 1%. We have the numbers now but do we have the will? The 1% are counting on us to not have the will. Who will be right? One will win and one will lose. The 1% has a lot to lose. We, the 99%, do not have much to lose for we have lost most already. Remember the oligarchies have their minions, we have our brothers and sisters and if we work together we still have a chance.

The world and our children are watching.