Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Need Not Know What They Did, But What They Are Going To Do

When we don’t know what the antiunion people like American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) are planning then all we can do is respond like the thousands of Indiana workers who just got the “right to work” for less jammed up their butts. Now that it is done we talk about how bad it will be for the workers like making more than $5,000 a year less on average maybe we should pay attention to what is going to happen and warn our workers before the damage is done. It’s too late after the legislation has passed to take to the streets in protest.

Unions should be holding meetings with its members, educate them and their families on “who” and “what” and “how" labor is being attacked right now. Labor is being attacked in 20 states along the lines of anti-worker legislation. The “what” is to break workers into temp workers without a voice; the “how” is through the power of people and the ballot box; and the “who” are the likes of ALEC, Citizens United, American Crossroads, Chamber of Commerce, etc.; but most of our workers do not even know who their enemies are that are trying to destroy their families so how do they fight an anti-worker war, and yes, it is a war.

If you don’t know your enemy you will lose so we must educate ourselves and be proactive, not reactive. We must know ourselves – like how we got what we have and we need to study labor history for that is what got us here. Again, if we know ourselves and know our enemies we can win the war. This war is about how the people of the world, the proletarians, will be treated for the next 100 years.

There will be changes. Maybe the whole capitalist system will change. Do we want to continue to be wage slaves or do we want to have a say in our lives and our children’s lives? Now is the time for us, wage slaves, to force our leaders to take a stand on our side. If they won’t stand up and lead then we must get rid of them and find new leaders. Who will fight this war?