Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oligarchies Fail the World

The oligarchies blame everything and everyone on the failure of the world’s financial system on big government, high taxes, unions, high wages, environmental laws, healthcare, Social Security and minimum wage, but the oligarchy capitalists are the people who have failed the world by their own greed. They shipped our jobs overseas to low wage countries, which has destroyed the buying power of the toilers.

They are hell bent on driving down the wages, such as the big box stores like WalMart and Target. Their policies have plotted to decrease the wage scale to the point where the wage slaves just accept this and have no extra money to buy extras or go on vacation. The capitalists also succeeded in protecting their interests by electing people who will not and did not enact financial laws that protect the financial system from greed and lawlessness. Again, the wage slaves are victimized by the 1 percent.

This is not the fault of the government system and the wage slaves. It is the people who have control of the money and they are not the 99 percent, in fact, it is the 1/10 percent of the 1 percent, the 1/10 of the 1 percent has so much money that they are just bored with their spending.

The oligarchies just want power and have started buying politicians and influencing the government process, which they have been very successful at this. Until they start running out of cash or are made to change thing -- things will be slow to change unless we make them.
We need to start rebuilding our infrastructure, pay down our debt, rebuild our armed forces and get our workers educated. Until we get rid of the temporary working force and get back to full-time jobs at 40 plus hours a week with good living wages, pensions and healthcare, we won’t regain the strength that our country is known for.

This spring the 99 percent must demand that the temporary jobs start going away and the oligarchies start hiring workers and paying them a living wage.