Monday, April 16, 2012

There Are Two 99%

There are two 99%. One is the workers, labor unions, proletarians, wage slaves. The other is the little shop owners, restaurants, mom & pop stores. They both have just about the same enemies, but only one hasn’t figured it out yet. If the small businesses think the Chamber of Commerce, large corporations and box stores, like Walmart, are their friends who would not undersell their products they have their heads in a dark place.

Walmart and the like have no problem putting small stores out of business. What’s equally appalling is that city and county governments that approve the applications of big box stores are actually helping to destroy small businesses.

The two 99% should be standing shoulder to shoulder against corporations, Chamber of Commerce and box stores. The small shop owners are getting hit from two sides. One hit from their customers and the other from large corporation box stores and out of town chain restaurants. If customers do not have money, they can’t spend it. Corporations move their big stores in, but the small businesses can’t compete with the low prices of the Chinese products and before you know it small businesses closedown. As an aside, the products being sold in stores like Walmart are not built to last and have to be replaced after a short time, which perpetuates the profits.

The small business owners need to look at the benefits to their businesses of belonging to the Chamber of Commerce, and how their dues are being spent. Afterall, the Chamber is a union in because they pay dues to belong just like any other union. If labor did what the Chamber does to its members, the union would be fired. The wage slaves customers are what bring in the cash, which the 99% businesses need, the 1% of the businesses are driving down the wages and pensions of customers. If this is good, then who is it good for? It sure as hell isn’t good or the 99% wage slaves.

Maybe it’s time the two 99% joined forces. What’s to be lost? The 1% are not our friends. We are not rich. Even if you are so-called rich, you are not within the 1/10 of the 1% and the 1/10 of the 1% do not care about your little business. They damn sure don’t care about the 99% wage slaves.

The 99% can’t pull the weight of all, just like the labor unions can’t do it for labor, which is about 3% of the 99%, and they need the whole 99% to help bring about change. It will take the small businesses joining to bring about the fairness as can be for the workers, small businesses and, yes, even some of the 1%. We need politicians who know what is right and who knows what is needed to be done to stop Wall Street from doing the same things that just about taken down this country and our way of life.

To have a chance, we, the 99%, must prevail in the elections. Not just the presidential election, but the Senate and House; and while we’re at it the local elections as well. We, the 99%, must win in the Wisconsin recall election. If we don’t we will lose respect and then it will be a full-on attack on labor like we have never seen. It could very well mean the end of labor unions. What do we want to leave our children?

This is our last chance for years to come. I think maybe the GOP has made a tactical mistake. In the “Art of War,” it states you should never put your opponent in a box where there is no alternative but to fight to the end. I think we are now in the fight of our lives, literally. We are now fighting for basic things to live, healthcare, food, shelter, jobs, pension, and education.

The 1% have no idea what they have started. I hope we have the resolve and fortitude for this next seven months of fighting. If not we will be wage slaves with little wages, no pension, no healthcare, no home ownership, no law enforcement or firefighters, clean water, clean air, and safe food. We won’t need to worry about good infrastructure for we will not be able to afford to own a car or pay for gas. We will be a Third World country run by an oligarchy-style government.