Monday, June 4, 2012

Unions Caught in the Middle

Why are the unions finding themselves alone in the fight for survival, and hated by both the oligarchies and the lower class? The reason is that the unions are the only organization standing in the way of total domination of the wage slaves by the 1%. Once unions are completely eliminated, the 1% will own the courts and government for years to come. The low wage workers were left behind in the earning power and resent those of us who have benefitted from union representation. Where is the help for the unions? For sure not the 1%, so what is left? The nonunion workers, who are not usually friendly toward union workers, perceive union workers as part of the 1% because, in their eyes, we union workers receive good wages, pensions, healthcare and paid vacations. We unions must fight for them, the low wage, nonunion slaves, and help float the ship up for all proletarian workers. They, the nonunion low-wage slaves, are the only resource left for the unions. Auto union president Walter Reuther warned the unions not to leave the nonunion workers behind for soon the union workers would make up the middle class in this country, and perceived as the now hated 1%. When the nonunion wage slaves make only minimum wage with no benefits, it will only take Fox News a short time to blame all the economic woes on the big unions and union government employees with government benefits so we should not look to or expect any support from the 1%. Our support has to come from the real 99%. We have to spend money and time educating the 99% and union workers on what we have and how we got them, such as healthcare, pensions, Social Security, safety laws, and paid leave and vacation, and many more things that workers of the old days gave their lives, freedom and blood for. When in battle you must always protect your rears. Don’t let the enemy slip up behind you. In fact when fighting fires, don’t leave the fire behind you and this is what we unions have been doing. We have left the real 99% behind us. We now need to go back and put out that fire, secure our rears before we can advance against the oligarchy, 1%, GOP and corporations that are waging an all-out war on unions. Brothers and sisters, we must prove to the 99% that we care and will help them improve their lives. If we can win the support of the 99% and we are forced onto the streets to battle it would be good to have all workers fighting together and not having to always watch our rears. We need to ask the 99% what they want and need. Then help them get it and if the contracts, courts and National Labor Relations Board do not work, then we will hit the streets. We need to educate, plans and organize now before it is too late.