Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wage Slaves Should Control Banks

Wage Slaves Should Have More Control over the Banks --- It is we, the taxpayers, who will have to pony up the cash once again to bail out the banks’ gambling losses. Maybe we should be the ones who are in charge of the banks through our government, the ones who are supposed to represent us proletarians, wage slaves. With the government in control, maybe there would be some money to kick start our economy and get the workers back to work. Having the government in charge of the banks would allow us to keep an eye on what the Wall Street people, mostly bankers, are doing with our money and then maybe they would quit gambling with it. If the government fires the bankers or makes them go back to using their own money when gambling then they might be a little more frugal in their deals or investments. That’s how it used to be and why we haven’t had this kind of a collapse in a long time -- since the 1920s when there were no regulations to enforced. This was called laise-faire capitalism. If they, the bankers, have nothings of their own on the table and no penalties lodged against them then they will never quit and all we wage slaves will have to continue bailing them out every time their greed exceeds their common sense. The big banks should be told that if they don’t let us put some good safeguards in place then the next time we have to bail them out we will just take over their banking institutions and turn them into managed public utilities, which would be a permanent public ownership. We know that there will be another collapse for Wall Street keeps a gun to their heads telling the banks to either grow or die. All they, the stockholders, are interested in are profits so they will continue to gamble at our risk. We must get the banks away from Wall Street pressures, and enforce the FDIC regulations to ensure they follow the laws for our best interests not theirs, otherwise the banks will be taken over and publicly owned. It is their choice to make and the taxpayers are watching and will be voting this November and hopefully, they’ll be voting to bring about change.