Sunday, November 4, 2012

College Debt & Our Economy

Either way the election of 2012 goes, we wage slaves will have an unimaginable amount of work to do. To start, we must help our young soon-to-be wage slaves. By the necessity of education we are inadvertently condemning our children to a life of wage slavery by the debt they will incur before they even start working. If we don’t have good wage jobs they will never be able to pay off their debt and if they can’t pay off their educational debt how can they ever have a family or afford to buy a house or start a business? If our new wage slaves do not have purchasing power how will our commercial economy ever grow. We wage slaves must push for better wages and raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour and stop this temporary/part time jobs that the money people are pushing. We must also support the National Labor Relations Board laws that will benefit the workers. If we work to do these things and accomplish these things then we have a chance to bring back the middle class lifestyle that we once had. If we don’t win we, as wage slaves, are lost and doomed to a working life of a third world country with no healthcare for our families, no pensions, and no way to make enough money to save for retirement. You will just work until you die or turn out on the streets to vanish out of sight, out of mind. Either way, this election, we workers and retirees must change things for the better for future generations. This is not a spectator sport. It will take of us all. This from a retired wage slave who still works 19.5 hours a week.