Sunday, November 4, 2012

Where We've Been, Where We're Going

We have to know where we have been in order to know where we want to go, and how to get there. So, why do we still have to explain to our union members who they should support in elections? I think we need to adhere to what an old union leader once said: “We now have them organized so now we need to unionize them.” This is where we union leaders have failed our wage slaves and I think it should start from the top and the bottom in order to do it fast and then hopefully we’ll meet in the middle with knowledgeable union people. We should all be studying the Art of War by Sun Tzu and the Prince by Machiavelli. These books will get you solitary confinement in some prisons; but they are required reading in large corporations and all military schools. There must be a benefit in learning strategy of war and business. This is exactly what we wage slaves are involved in. In fact, it will be do or die in the next few years. We must organize and rebuild our labor influence and power. Our labor force must start thinking out of the box and there are some signs of this with the Walmart fight. Remember it has always been working people against the money people. It is like a pie and there is only so much pie and we wage slaves need to fight for our slice and our commons. Now we need to learn how to fight with the best strategy and tactics to win. Unions need to work together even if they have to join in some joint power agreements in order to defeat the oligarchies. Hell, they join with the Chamber of Commerce and many other oligarchies to fight our unions, and we need to do the same. The AFL/CIO really needs to stick together. It is the only organization left to defend the wage slaves. Without the AFL-CIO we will become just slaves working for existence and nothing else until we die. We should study labor history, the Art of War and the Prince at union meetings or form get togethers with a good speaker to teach what is written in these books and history and there are some very good old labor films to view and discuss. Let’s start new in 2013