Thursday, March 28, 2013

True Power is With the States

True power is with the states. Most people worry about the federal government taking away their rights, but in reality it is the states taking away our rights. We the 99% should be worrying about the oligarchies buying state governments and convincing people to elect their chosen senate and assembly politicians. With their state puppet government in place, they can do just about anything they want. Take a look at Detroit and other areas in Michigan. They can change the laws regarding abortion, check out the bills dubbed “Fetal Heartbeat,” recently passed in North Dakota; kicked out all unions, Wisconsin is doing this, and making the state a “right to work” state. They are even taking over the educational system, as in Louisiana, a state that can’t afford to be any more ignorant; and even taking over cities, like Benton Harbor, Michigan. State governments control the National Guard and the local law enforcement and fire departments. Their power is unlimited and we, the people, cannot do a thing about it. The oligarchies have the money to buy all the power and protection they want and if the wage slaves try to engage in defiance. The federal government has at its beckon call the Patriot Act to stop all resisters. They can wiretap without a warrant. They can arrest and detain at will and hold you in unknown places. They have the drones flying overhead and they are also infiltrating most left wing and union organizations. They do this to make lists of names they think are getting too many followers. This is the way the 1% is going to turn our government: federal and state into a complete plutocracy-type of government, which is run by a handful of very wealthy men and women. For the 99% and wage slaves to stand a chance at overcoming this power grab, we must understand how and why it is going to happen (Art of War: know your enemy and know yourself). Don’t think you’ll get this information by watching the main stream media (MSM). The majority of the MSM is owned by big corporations. For example: Bain Capital owns 866 radio outlets, and Premiere Radio Networks, which broadcasts Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh. Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp., Wall Street Journal, Fox News and all its affiliates, the National Geographic Channel, among many others. And now the Koch brothers are rumored to be trying to buy the Tribune Co.’s newspapers, which owns the L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune and Baltimore Sun, or the entire Tribune holdings, which included 20 stations. The only way to learn is to do your own investigating and research. Begin by studying history and comparing it with the present is the first step to winning against the big money influence. This will give you the knowledge to form a winning strategy for all the battles we face now and those to come because they have been fought before.