Friday, March 15, 2013

Vote for Labor

Labor needs to vote labor in local, state and U.S. government elections. The GOP elephant was the right pick for its logo for they never forget and will not change even if it means its demise. To think that they are still angry about the New Deal of President Franklin Roosevelt some 75 years ago; this is just stupid. They should rename the party ‘Gone on Past’ stupid party. Eleanor Roosevelt had to fight the ‘right to work for less’ 70 years ago and the stupid party is still waving that right to work for less flag. Eleanor Roosevelt’s argument then was, “I am opposed to right to work legislation because it does nothing for working people but, instead, gives employers the right to exploit labor.” She was right then and what she said 70 years ago is still accurate today. So what I do not understand is why labor is still losing the fight for there are more wage slaves than there are oligarchies. Is it that maybe the wage slaves are just as stupid as the GOP? If so, then the question should be, “Who is going to out stupid the other” and the winner will be the loser. So does labor want to be the winner or the loser? Labor better figure this out soon before there is nothing left.