Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lady Justice is Supposed to be Blind

Lady Justice is supposed to be blind. So all law abiding people have an even chance for justice and if usually starts with judges of the court, which should not be obliged to anyone other than Lady Justice and the money to elect judges should be public money not corporation money from oligarchies bent on controlling the country. When the moneyed 1 percent starts funding the election of our judges then Lady Justice will no longer be blind and she will see the large piles of money to be made or put toward elections. The 99 percent wage slaves are in for a losing fight for their share of the economic pie. The oligarchies can just buy the whole damn pie by electing the judges, who will uphold the claims of the 1 percent every time and ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) will keep helping the state governors pass laws, which will be upheld by the 1percents’ judges. If this is what is happening, it will only leave the wage slaves and the ‘have nothings’ with only one way to fight and that is in the streets. With the odds stacked very much against because of the 1918 Sedition Act, which will be used against us, that and the fact that judges, law enforcement and the National Guard are all on the side of the 1 percent. What do we have? We have out feet and our voices. Our money is slipping away because union membership has been under attack for the past 60 years and when the unions go then there is no money to hire attorneys to fight in court. If the judges are in the pocket of the 1 percent, why try to work the problem out in the courts? With what money we have left maybe we should put it in organizing new members, but in order to do this the union must show what they can do to help the wage slave and the ‘have nots,’ such as increasing the minimum wage to $15 to $16 an hour. Also, we must push to get more teeth into the National Labor Relations Board. We will need this to organize new members and if this does not work all we have to do is look to Greece and Turkey to see what is left for the 99 percent. There will be blood in the streets, and wage slaves put in jail, in fact, there is already people going to ail trying to get their piece of the economic pie.