Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Leaderless Revolution

The leaderless world revolution and the armies are all around us just waiting for a trigger or tipping point to march and they are all leaders so how are they controlled? It looks, to me, like they have taken a look at history and have written a play book that has taken old tactics that worked and came up with new ones and with that they have added and use our new technology. What we are seeing is it is very hard to kill the snake when you cannot find its head. Brazil is a good example of a tipping point, upping the cost of public transportation that millions of low wage workers would have to pay and then humiliating one person by pepper spraying her in the face for no reason other than they think they can and get away with it. I wonder what the cops were thinking when they were pushed into the ocean up to their waists—power to the people. This is just the start of the Have All against the Have Some and Have Nots. For us, wage slaves, have a right to have a say and a right to an equal share of the world’s commons, such as our world’s water, oil, gold, food, trees—all the things that come from the earth and sky. We should have good air to breathe or at least a say on how good it is or how bad. Also our commons are things we support with our taxes, such as roads, parks, law enforcement, fire departments, schools, colleges—all these are owned by the people. When people get very rich using our commons then we, wage slaves, should be compensated. When the Indians of South America fight for their water, trees and way of life it is our fight also for we are all citizens of the world. This is what the International Workers of the World believed that we are in this together. The citizens of the world are not going to stand much longer the huge gap between the oligarchies 1% and the Have Nothings. Just look at Europe, the Middle East and now South America. So far, it has been rather peaceful, but the other Have Nots in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Africa. These people are waging war, shooting, bombing, and killing. How far away are we from this? After World War I, in the Bonus Army March of 1932, we worried about our soldiers coming home without good paying jobs and the soldiers were very angry with the state of our country when they came home. The government embarrassed these angry soldiers by greeting them machine guns, bayonets and tear gas as they went on strike for their promised benefits. Well, we have soldiers coming home with about the same situation as then. How do you think it will end this time? We have been at war for 10 years; some of these veterans have been fighting for more than one-third of their lives. Who is going to tell them there is nothing for them and they have to set up house under a bridge. So the Democrats and the GOP, who are bought and paid for by corporations and oligarchies, had better change their ways and sooner rather than later or we here in the good old USA could see a combination of what’s happening in Brazil, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq. Those people know how to fight. Then throw into the mix, the nuts who are already here and add the right wing nuts and you have a very toxic improvised explosive devise just waiting to explode and there is a trigger and a tipping point, and with no leader we have to take the initiative.