Thursday, September 19, 2013

Minimum Wage on the Rise

The magic number is $16 an hour and the wage slaves are winning. The 1 percent oligarchies are in a slow walk backward. Also, the governor of the State of California wants to kick the minimum wage to $10 an hour and already some low wage businesses have raised pay toward the magic number. You cannot rely on the government to do the work for you. They would have to vote to raise the minimum wage in order for it to become law, and the lobbyists would spend millions to stop it. So the best way is to just make corporations pay the $15 to $16 an hour and then get the government to make it a minimum wage law. This way the precedence will already be set and you will diminish the effect the lobbyists will have on the politicians, mainly the GOP. If the $16 an hour is obtained by the millions of low-wage workers, which for some workers would more than double their spendable income, the economy would boom. The 1 percent would bring back their money from the Cayman Islands to invest here. One must understand that the 1 percent has most everything that money can buy, except for one thing: more money and power. Don’t misunderstand, money buys power, but with greedy people it’s never enough. For that reason they will invest in businesses that they see becoming larger and more profitable, which will ultimately be driven by the higher wages and the spending that comes from higher wages earned by the lowly workers. Think about the durable products that were and can be made and sold here again: washers, dryers, cars, boats, and clothing; plus the money spent on restaurants and entertainment. We are starting to see that the money people are talking about just what we have been saying, and when that happens you know you are winning the argument. We must keep the pressure on, and support California’s $10 an hour minimum wage, but not be satisfied until we hit the magic number of $16 an hour. Remember if this comes to pass, there will be more jobs, not less. Don’t let the oligarchies trick you with their bullshit. We are the workers. “They take our skills, they take our labor they take out knowledge, they take our pride, they take our talent, our best ideas, they take out time, they take our lives. In the end they take our jobs, these ‘makers’—then turn around and call us, ‘takers’”