Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Union Leaders Need to Step Up

Union leaders must be leaders to the rank and file, not just to the hierarchy of the union. They need to set aside their own personal ambitions, and think of the low-level workers. The workers, who promote the union, are the rank and file and they should know the names of their leaders and their jobs. They should also understand what their jobs represent, and should also know the entire history of their union and the history of the labor movement: those who fought, some to the death, for the rights the GOP are now stripping away today. They should know the good and the bad, and the successes and failures of the union movement and labor history. The wage slaves must stop fighting among themselves and treat all workers as brothers and sisters. The International Workers of the World had it right, the problem was they were ahead of their time in their thinking, and did not have the communication tools we have today. Now, we have the tools to organize the wage slaves of the world, but we must know ourselves and the enemy (Art of War) to win and this goes back to our labor leaders, who should be at the door of every meeting greeting all members. The leaders should be at the door when the meeting is over thanking and asking questions. This creates a feeling of inclusiveness. The churches do this to make the congregation feel welcomed and important to the overall success of the church. Here again, you must know yourself and if you are the leader, yourself is your members. Also, our leaders must work to get our message out to all wages slaves’ unions and want to be nonunion for unions are the only true friends of the wage slaves. We never should be divided among ourselves. This only works for our enemies the GOP and anti-union corporations, and most oligarchies. With this said, I am dismayed at the rift between the push for $15 to $16 an hour for the low wage jobs, such as Walmart, fast food and temporary agencies. Yes, maybe there are different ways to go about this, but just take what is working at this time and support their efforts for there is a movement toward the $15 to $16 an hour. History tells us that traditional tactics still work, such as walkouts and strikes. Remember if workers are timid about protesting outside of where they work, they can trade with workers in another place and protest for each other. Soon with the power and confidence you gain if needed, you can then do it at your own place of work. Most businesses cannot afford to fire all their workers. It would cost them a lot of money to keep training new employees. Even if the corporations try to train strikebreakers they will be losing money and public opinion. The public will turn against the corporations in support of the wage slaves. This is the point your enemies should never have pushed their workers to. The workers cannot retreat they have no out. The workers cannot survive on the minimum, part-time with no benefits. They have no choice but to finish this fight. This is the tipping point and it is tipping in favor of the wage slaves.