Monday, October 7, 2013

Labor Leader Vultures

For the capitalist, nonunion oligarchies the most feared word is “solidarity.” This is what wins for the wage slaves and it can be distorted when the nonunion capitalists win. Solidarity means when all wage slaves stick together. They have the power to win and when divided they lose, and labor is the biggest offender of solidarity by using the craft unions where they will in one company or plant divide the work into separate crafts and then sign contracts with their employers to not support the other crafts in their company when a different craft within the company has a dispute. Also, the employers manipulate the crafts to have their contracts expire at different times so the work continues on in the plant or company. This was started by some of our famous labor leaders, such as Gompers, Mitchell, Duncan and Tobin. They earned the title of “Labor Vultures,” among the International Workers of the World. These labor leaders existed only by dividing the workers. They inadvertently did the bidding for the master class. This was and is today the penalty for blind confidence and not researching what has been done. There is a way to overcome this. It’s up to the groups to figure it out what is the best way for their group.