Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Corporate Bullies

Bullies: kids bully with their mouths and fists, billionaires bully with money. The DeVos, Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and the Walton family are just some of the oligarchy bullies, who see unions as an enemy of freedom and union leaders as thugs. Interesting the only freedom these billionaires are concerned with are their own. Their hatred of all things union and why they want to destroy unions is because they cannot control unions and unions are the only thing standing between their obscene wealth and making the U.S. a Third World country. To these greedy bastards money is the true power and with that they want to destroy the power source for the unions’ money by passing “right to work’ laws in Michigan and other states. If passed, these laws will essentially ruin unions and defund Democrats’ election contributions. The oligarchies are looking to the 2016 presidential race. They will push for less government, less taxes, fewer regulations, which all, in their selfish eyes, destroys their vision of free enterprise. This might explain why, at a 1982 GOP party, DeVos, whose family owns the Amway Company, called the Reagan recession, which was spiking inflation and unemployment, “beneficial” and a “cleansing tonic” for society. As head of Amway, DeVos has 500,000 wage slaves making him money that he then uses against them. How do people, who are the “have nots” fight this attack on their families? First, they need to stop being enablers. They must understand that their enemies are the very people they are working for. They must also understand their working for the enemy gives them a unique position of power. It can be likened to the Trojan horse for wage slaves are already in the enemy’s camp, which gives them good intelligence. Remember, you must know yourself and your enemy to win your battles (Art of War).