Thursday, February 13, 2014

Prepare for a Spring Offensive

Are the 99 percent wage slaves preparing for the spring offensive to better their lives and narrowing the inequality gap between the 1 percent and the 99 percent. It is time to plan the offensive strategy for the wage fight for $15 to $16 an hour. The 99 percent must look at and understand the weaknesses and strengths of our side and that of the corporate GOP (Art of War). The 99 percent must gather intel on the corporations through research or living agents who can get information. They need to be clever, resourceful, talented, and wise. Then, with good intel, the planning starts. With knowledge of their weaknesses and strengthens, the timing of the offensive will depend on your intel and other factors, such as weather, terrain, troops, supplies, money and training. It can be as simple as blocking entrances to building and complicated as Anonymous’ hacking. Remember, all warfare is based on deception. Some strategies to consider are as follows: when capable, feign incapacity, then active inactivity, pretend inferiority, and encourage your opponent’s arrogance, keep him under a strain and wear him down; when he is united divided him, attack with speed and make the news. We are moving ground and starting towards winning the wage war. But, again, it is being slow walked. The enemy is trying to buy time hoping our offense will die this spring. All over the world the wage slaves must make a concerted attack against the establishment. It must be well funded, supplied and with educated leaders, who must have all the tools necessary for the battle for it is now or not in our life time. If you don’t think an offensive is needed, consider this, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is telling GOP followers that we wage slaves don’t want the minimum wage to increase. Christie is essentially saying we’re stupid enough to think that with just a little hard work we too can become filthy rich; and that we don’t need government intervention or regulations to even the playing field. If you agree with Christie’s delusion, you might be a Republican. At this time, we’re hearing support from the United States’ Federal Reserve’s new chair Janet Yellen, that one of her big concerns is the income inequality. This sounds really good until you consider what her former Yale classmate has to say about their economics training. Richard Wolff wrote in The Guardian on Feb. 4, that while a students at Yale, they were only taught about capitalism via Keynesian economics, which teaches that capitalism requires systematic government interventions to make the economy function. Wolff says Yellen supports capitalism despite its “cyclical and colossal waste of resources and the human tragedy this imposes across the globe.” They were not taught, Wolff states, how for, capitalism to succeed, it must exploit workers. “We were never taught that the majority of industrial workers produce more value for employers than what employers pay them. We were prevented from encountering arguments examining how this idea of “more” (or, in economic terms, of a surplus) contributed fundamentally to the systemic inequalities that define capitalist societies,” Wolff writes. I want to believe that experience has taught Yellen the truths about how pure and unadulterated capitalism led by greed destroys people and countries as a whole; but, just in case, we must keep a vigilant and watchful eye during Yellen’s reign as Fed Chair. It’s up to us, the ‘have nots’, to protect our interests because, as it’s been demonstrated time and again, no one else will.