Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Types of Government

In the writings of Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince,” he explains the types of government and how they succeed or fail. To uphold laws of a country, it is done by fear of either some god, who the blame of punishment can be laid upon or fear of the government or a combination of both. If there is good, the government or prince takes the credit; but if it is bad, then god did it. You can see why a type of god is so important in most governments. Most all three types of governments use this as a way to keep control of the masses. The three types of government are: principality, aristocracy, and democracy. These are the good one, but there are also three bad types of government, which derive from the three goods ones when they fail. The principality slips into tyranny; aristocracy becomes an oligarchy, which has no respect for any civil rights; and the democracy turns into anarchy. Sparta, which lasted 800 years, used a constitution by Lycurgus that combined all three: principality, aristocracy and democracy so that each could keep an eye on the other. This is the best to govern and why free people should keep all gods out of government. Our government should work to ensure world peace for all workers and then there could be a concerted effort toward the betterment of quality of life for all wage slaves and their families. If can happen, but all workers must understand the how and why things go wrong and when things go right, and you can change, but you must also be very careful what you change. It would be nice for our world if we could have an 800-year government that was for all the 100 percent instead of the 1 percent. Take time to study, listen, think, and ask questions. Do not rely on televised news, read. Then and only then make your educated voice be heard. One of the biggest changes to help all workers at home in the USA and abroad is to narrow the widening gap between the richest and the poorest. The Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said that this is one of the most disturbing trends facing the USA. President Obama used his executive powers to give federal contract employees an increase in minimum wage of $10.10. When the Pope of the Catholic Church speaks out against greed and promotes caring for the common worker, you know greed has gotten out of hand. Will we slip into an anarchy type of government because of the income gap between the 1 percent haves and the 99 percent have nots or used to haves.