Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Attacked from Within

The fight to destroy the New Deal has and never will stop. This is the Holy Grail for the anti-worker GOP. Their newest plan is to once again attack the safety net for old or injured workers’ pensions only this time they have a new plan that is working. It is the old Trojan horse plan to destroy it from the inside out with high ranking agency officials closing post offices and forcing people to apply online for Social Security services. Apparently, they believe that every American has a computer and is computer savvy or maybe they know they’re not and won’t be able to find their way through the verification process to get Social Security benefits they worked for. This Internet application process is being pushed by a Trojan horse by an acting commissioner Carolyn Colvin and her staff. Her goal is to close hundreds of Social Security offices around the country and completely abolish face-to-face personalized service. Since 2010 the Social Security Administration (SSA) has closed 80 field offices and 500 rural contact stations. Why? Well one reason is the SSA workers are union and this is one way to slap the faces of our union workers and destroy another union at the expense of our working heroes who now want to retire with dignity that they deserve. The U.S. Postal Service is facing the same threats as the criminal Republican Congressman Darrel Issa continues his efforts to destroy the postal service. It’s all to destroy the postal unions. The reason the GOP wants to kill public unions is because unions usually support Democratic Party. While other countries are moving forward with honoring their working people, the USA is going back to the Stone Age. This is what is under attack: Social Security unions, wages, healthcare, safety laws, environmental laws, benefit programs, food safety, postal service, voting rights, Social Security, women’s rights, Gay rights while the oligarchies buy up our government from the federal level to the local level. Also, with buying the governments, they are in control of most of the media. The race between the 1 percent and the 99 percent has already started and the 99 percent has not even gotten to the starting line while the 1 percent half way around the track. The 99 percent must wake up, get off the couch, turn off Fox fake news, and start looking around at what is happening to your real life and stop thinking about things that are made up to take your eye off what really counts—the fight to save Social Security. The minimum wage increase to $15 to $18 an hour would help Social Security, which money paid into by workers, not the government. A hamburger restaurant, Moo-Cluck-Moo, in Dearborn, Michigan, just started paying its workers $15 an hour. They say it has not hurt sales and, in fact, it has helped with less turn over and generated more business. The company is expanding to two more restaurants. It is a large war we are fighting with many fronts. Some we are gaining ground, but many more we are losing ground because of the money the oligarchies can spend to buy politicians and the U.S. Supreme Court. We need more troops on the ground to fight our fight. We are the only ones who can better our lives because the oligarchies don’t care.